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Buffalo Broadband provides affordable multi-family internet services to residents and staff in apartment buildings. We are an extension of SCI, an experienced leader in the design, implementation, and support of multi-family internet technology solutions for existing or emerging complexes in Buffalo, NY, and the greater Northeast. With over 30 years of success on many turn key solutions under our belt, we are ready to help take your complex’s value to new heights with dedicated fiber services like Gigabit Multi-Family Internet, offering reliable bandwidth that meets every resident demand.

Gigabit Multi-Family Internet

Gigabit multi-family internet in Buffalo, NY
In today’s world, where internet connectivity is essential to everyday life, it is critical that you make sure that your complex can offer the gigabit fiber speeds that can keep up with your residents’ needs. Do this, and it may just be the reason that a resident chooses your property over the one down the street.


High Quality & Fast Connections

  • Streaming TV & movies
  • Online gaming
  • Video conferencing

Internet of Things (IoT)

  • Monitored Building System
  • Smart Apartments


  • 24/7/365 call center and remote support
  • Next day, on-site support technicians, familiar with the property and the staff

Could your building benefit from gigabit multi-family internet?

Why Fiber?

In a world with so many options for internet connection, why should you choose fiber? Well, other internet sources like cable and DSL are okay but your building should strive to be better. Fiber optic cables send and receive internet signals with the use of light, and what’s better than the speed of light? Nothing.

How Fast is Fiber?




DSL uses copper phone lines to transmit data. While it is widely available, transmitting data via electricity can cause buffering & screen lags.




Cable uses a shared bandwidth, which may result in increased buffering during peak hours.




Fiber = Fast! The speed of light will beat copper lines any day. With fiber, you get symmetrical upload & download speeds.

Want Buffalo Broadband Multi-Family Internet In Your Building?

Owners and residents alike can benefit from multi-family internet being installed in the building. Residents, contact us today, and we’ll show your building owner how they can benefit.

Here are some reasons that other Owners use our services.

How Owners Benefit

  • Increased Resident Retention & marketability – reliable internet is a top amenity
  • Increased NOI – Fiber internet increases rental rates by at least 8%
  • Iron-Clad Security – Enterprise security protocols with private access for each account.
  • Dedicated service team – Means friendly, familiar faces that know the network inside and out.

How Residents Benefit

  • Blazing Fast speeds – Up to 10G
  • Consistent Reliability – 99.999% uptime
  • Day One Connectivity – Move-in ready apartments & no waiting for installation
  • 24/7/365 Customer Support US-based preemptive monitoring and support
  • Easily connect any device – Computers, phones, gaming consoles, printers, & more
  • PAN (Personal Access Network) – Your very own Wireless Gateway awaits

PAN (Personal Access Network)

Personal Access Network in Buffalo, NY

Each unit is outfitted with a Wireless Gateway which produces a personal wireless network for residents to connect to. Even better, the Gateway has ethernet ports to plug into for more connectivity between computers, routers, gaming consoles, printers, and more!



  • Complete wifi coverage throughout your apartment
  • No dead zones

Privacy & Security

  • Enterprise level security
  • Segmented personal networks provide unparalleled security and privacy


  • 24/7/365
  • Support Staff

The Process



We design a turn key solution with your goals and vision in mind!


Work with owners and developers to install fiber networks with little disruption to residents.


We fine tune the network to ensure consistent and high-quality connectivity for your residents


This is where we stand above the rest! We provide 24/7 support throughout the life of the system.

Existing Properties

  1. Site Survey – A Buffalo Broadband representative will survey the property to design a solution.
  2. Proposal and Agreements
  3. Implementation
  4. Go live with fiber internet for your residents!

New Properties

  1. Design a solution based on the construction plans and your personal vision.
  2. Proposal and Agreements
  3. Work with your GC to schedule installation
  4. Go live with fiber internet for your new residents!

Could your building benefit from a Personal Access Network?

Additional Services

We offer upgrades and network convergence in addition to our internet services. Our additional services include:

Security Cameras

Access Control

Cell Signal Boosters

Community WiFi

Ditch your large internet provider. Switch to Buffalo Broadband for caring, hometown service from professionals right in your backyard.

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